We build enterprise information systems

We focus on solving your underlying business problem

First, solve the business problem

Before writing any code, we tackle the business problem with you to ensure our solution is the right one for your business. We have the experience and tools for analysing and modeling business processes.

Then, build the system

Only once the business process has been modeled, we design and build an information system specifically tailored to solving your business problem.

By putting the business problem first, we ensure that our systems will have a high impact on your organisation

This two-step approach reduces the time and number of iterations necessary to deliver the right solution for your organisation

We accompany you through your digital transformation

Clean and modern solutions following the latest best practices. Don’t let legacy tech slow you down.


Our core expertise is in building scalable and maintainable systems to keep your organisation in the lead.

Best practices

We adopt the latest best practices meaning the systems we deliver can be relied upon for years to come.


Excellent integration is core to our design philosophy. Our solutions play nicely with legacy and newer systems alike.

Cloud and analytics are at the core of our offering

We deliver cloud-deployed solutions where analytics are first class citizens

Take your organisation’s information systems to the cloud

Reduce in-house IT costs

Gain unparalleled scalability and flexibility

Simplify your IT infrastructure

Derive actionable insights from your information system

Understand your data with intuitive dashboards

Present your insights thanks to report generation

Act on your data with custom business intelligence

We help companies integrate AI and data science

Deploy innovate learning technologies to extract maximum value from your information systems

Integrate AI thanks to our highly qualified developers with the expertise to advise you on best practices and build your AI and Data Science solutions.

Visualise your data and glean new insights. Our solutions come with analytics and visualisation tools allowing you to deep-dive and discover new trends.

Gain competitive advantage by adding data learning to your systems and unlock the possibilities offered by personalisation, forecasting, optimisation & more.

Schedule a call with us to discuss your project

Try out a one-week Proof of Concept or reach out to discuss a custom use case

Proof of Concept

5k GBP

1 week

Data modeling, database and query API

Working end-to-end system

Demo frontend with simple business logic

Custom information system

Price on request

Full enterprise project

Entire production-ready business system

Complete custom UI/UX

Custom integrations with 3rd party systems

Case study 1

Deal flow management system

Deal flow management system with business-user-friendly workflow management

Business problem

Manage flow of business deals with customisable workflows involving multiple iterations and rounds of approvals

Nexys Solution

Custom information system deployed in the cloud giving managers complete control and transparency of deal status

Specific challenges

Constantly evolving and growing process needing abstraction and visualisation to allow business users to rapidly iterate on workflows. Need to integrate with 10 3rd party solutions.

Digis added value

Digis provides a workflow tool allowing developers to abstract out and design their workflows, as well as an integration portal for handling third party systems.

Case study 2

E-learning management system

E-learning management system deployed across multinational organisation

Business problem

Provide training and certification across a global organisation. Allow managers to define learning paths and certifications.

Nexys Solution

Cloud deployed e-learning platform for the sales department of a global business with reporting and analytics functionality.

Specific challenges

Integrating the software with the client’s existing systems and data infrastructure as well as external third party assessment providers.

Digis added value

Simple integrations thanks to Digis’ integration management toolset as well as rapid development thanks to the foundational assets.


Our methodology for guaranteeing best-in-class systems

Digis ensures rapid and transparent development

We develop using Digis - our low-code internal methodology - for designing enterprise systems


Business users should have complete transparency of their data workflows.

Transparency is at the heart of Digis and our solutions allow users to see what is actually happening inside the system.


Business users should have control of their data and be as independent as possible.

Digis gives users the keys through a web SaaS interface enabling them to manage systems and workflows with ease.


Development should be fast and repetitive tasks should be eliminated wherever possible.

Digis provides tried-and-tested foundational assets to get your system off the ground allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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About Nexys

Nexys is a software development boutique specialising in enterprise information systems.

Our team are dedicated and hard working professionals with a track record of delivering high-quality systems to our customers. Our people and customers are located across Switzerland, the UK and the US.

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